Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

On 2/12/07 several local fishing clubs (Rod & Reel Club, Walleye Angler Group and Lake Norfork Striper Club) and Norfork Lake Tourism joined forces with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) to protect our lakes and rivers from harmful plants, animals and organisms being transported into our local waterways.

“Protect Your Waters” is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-sponsored public awareness campaign to stop the spread of aquatic nuisance species. AGFC is a partner in this campaign and will provide publicity, presentations and printed materials.

The local clubs and businesses are organizing boat wash and decontamination sites around the area for tournaments, recreational boaters and anglers. This voluntary program will make it easy for people to clean and disinfect their equipment before and after using our waters. This in turn will help eliminate the spread of harmful organisms and protect our natural resources.

For more information or to join this effort contact:

Ken Shirley – AGFC, 870-425-7577
Shawn Egan – Norfork Lake Tourism, 870-467-5277
Red Van Scoyoc – Lake Norfork Striper Club, 870-492-4342
Ed Druml – Rod & Reel Club, 870-431-5358

The Norfork Lake Chamber
would like you to be aware of the following:

  • You may not use wild-caught baitfish on Norfork Lake unless said bait was caught on Norfork Lake.
  • You can also use baitfish purchased from an Arkansas licensed dealer in Norfork Lake.
  • Dispose of leftover bait properly.
  • Dump minnows and other live bait in their original water source or in a trash receptacle.



The Norfork Lake Tourism works diligently to keep your lake free of aquatic nuisances, invasive species, and other destructive forces to keep Norfork Lake pristine for generations to come.