Avast me hearties, it’s the  

Lake Norfork Treasure Hunt

Bring yer darlin’ and the urchins, ye pirates!

When:       Saturday August 21, 2021

Where:      Sand Island Beach, Lake Norfork

Why:         Fun, Prizes, Proceeds Benefit Charity

Who:         Norfork Lake Tourism

Come and watch, ye scurvy landlubbers, or ye walk the plank to visit Davy Jones’ locker ARRRRRRRRRR

9:00 – 10:00 Diver Registration

10:00 – 1:00 Diving, Sandcastles, and Family Beach Fun!

1:30             Prizes – Get yer pirate booty

All Day        Talk, Walk & Act Like a Pirate


  • Divers must show scuba diving certification card
  • Divers must dive with a buddy
  • Divers must exit water with 500 psi
  • No scuba diving deeper than 40 ft.

$35 Diver Registration at Jordan Marina

Watching, Sandcastle Building, Shore & Sand Events Are Free to the Public

Call Jordan Marina at (870) 499-7348 for more information!!!

Rated G – Family Fun Friendly