Hunting Norfork Lake

October 1st. The day so many outdoors folks have marked on their calendar. Opening day of bow season for deer on Norfork Lake in Arkansas, with muzzleloader following shortly thereafter, and then modern gun. You’ve tuned up the bow, cleaned the muzzleloader, adjusted the rifle scope; it’s time to go to the same old handful of areas and the same old musty shack you’ve used for years.

Picture this. You head for the lake, check into your heated resort cabin, stock the frig., maybe watch a little TV, and get ready for an early start the next morning. Sounds great so far, right?

Now here’s the good part. Norfork Lake has over 20,000 acres of public land managed by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). You can access these hunt-able areas by foot, vehicle, or boat. It’s your choice. Need a picture? Take a look at all of the green “Open for In-Season Hunting” areas on the Norfork Lake Map. You could literally walk outside of your cabin a few feet and start hunting. Or if you prefer, take a boat to your hunting destination of choice. Just don’t hunt from the boat. The warden will have a problem with that and besides, it’s not sporting.


So after a memorable day in the Ozark Mountains forest surrounding Norfork Lake, head back to your cabin and throw some grub on the stove or grill. And now the best part, a hot shower and a little HBO to finish the day. Try doing that in your old nasty huntin’ shack.

If you’re planning on hunting some other game, go back to the top of this page and change the date. Everything else applies.


By the way, the Ozark Mountain forest surrounding Norfork Lake is the perfect habitat for the lake’s incredibly large wild turkey population. Don’t overlook this fantastic experience. Be sure to check out our professional hunting guides.

Now the very best part. Someone else cleans up the cabin for you.


Norfork Lake, Your Best Bet For

Whitetail Deer                                                                                   Wild Turkey

Duck                                                                                          Goose

Rabbit                                                                                         Squirrel

Fox                                                                                              Bear

Opossum                                                                                            Raccoon

Dove                                                                                            Quail

The outlying areas offer even more hunting opportunities including wild hog, elk, and bear.

The Norfork Lake Tourism
would like you to know:

Norfork Lake’s hunting zones are Deer & Turkey – Zone 3, Bear – Zone 1.

State of Arkansas and Federal hunting regulations apply on Norfork Lake project land.

The Youth Hunt in the State of Arkansas is a 2 day event.

Try a Cast & Blast: Fish in the morning while scouting the lakeshore for the afternoon hunt.

Norfork Lake Map


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