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65 Miles Of Cruiseable Waterway

550 Miles Of Pristine Shoreline

A Gazillion Days Of Sunshine


Rising bluffs and forested hills surround the secluded beauty and crystal clear waters of this Ozark Mountain jewel. Norfork Lake, Arkansas’ hidden treasure, is a short 10 minute drive from Mountain Home in north central Arkansas and extends just over the border into Southern Missouri. With a 65 mile length of crystal blue water and up to 550 miles of un-commercialized shoreline, Norfork Lake is more than just a fantastic recreation area, it’s your escape from everyday life.

Pristine water awaits you for boating, fishing, sightseeing or just enjoying sitting and doing nothing to a great sunrise or sunset. Experience the quiet nature, relaxation, and peace of Norfork Lake. Awesome in its dimensions and complexity, the beauty of the Norfork Lake in the heart of the Ozark Mountains will make your visit an experience you’ll never forget. Visit Norfork Lake soon. We have a comfortable lawn chair waiting with your name on it. You won’t be disappointed!

There Must Be Something In The Water.

A visit to Norfork Lake causes

Worrywarts to chill out,

Workaholics to clock out,

Wallflowers to get out,

Kids to leave their X-Box behind and go out, and

Magically disconnects your hand from your cell phone.

There’s got to be something in the water.