Sand Island Map

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Where Is Sand Island? (this might take a minute to load) You might also be interested in The Beaches Where To Stay Rent A Boat

More Crappie

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More About Norfork Lake Crappie Fishing By Jake Dale, owner of Reel Fish Guide Service Are you used to filling your live well with a mess of 9 or 10" crappie? What about 12" crappie? 14"...? 16"...? How about 17" slabs! Norfork Lake is the perfect location to catch the mess of crappie you've waited [...]

Natural Brush Piles

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Norfork Lake Natural Tree Brush Piles Map All Piles Were Refreshed in November 2018 (This map takes a moment to load.)   Check Out Our New Artificial PVC Brush Piles Map  Too!  

The Night Shift

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The Night Shift It's night. It's dark. It's quiet. A gentle breeze is blowing from the southwest. You're casting a good stick bait, likely a Rogue, not really paying attention and then WHAM, you're holding on to that rod for dear life. Your drag starts smoking while 150 yards of line is stripped off your [...]

Flexibility – Key To Catching Lake Norfork Stripers

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"Flexibility"- Key To Catching Lake Norfork Stripers By Roger Boskus – Owner Fish & Fiddle Resort One of the biggest misconceptions for striper fishing is thinking you need heavy tackle and/or downriggers to catch striped bass. You don’t need either of these and at certain times of the year you will do much better on Lake [...]