Norfork Lake Beaches

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Norfork Lake Beaches White sand beaches In The Ozark Mountains A beach is probably not what comes to mind when thinking about an Ozark Mountain lake and that would be correct, EXCEPT for the Norfork Lake Beaches! In fact, Norfork Lake is the only Ozark Mountain lake with white. sandy beaches and a huge [...]

Norfork Lake Stripers

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Hunting, Stalking, and Fishing For Those Norfork Lake Trophy Stripers.... Feel that pole almost jerked out of your hand. Watch in awe as your spool is emptied of 8 pound test lightning fast. Loosen that drag a notch and hold on. You hooked upped with a Norfork Lake Striper! Norfork Lake is nationally known [...]

Norfork Lake Crappie

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Norfork Lake Slab Crappie The south's premier lake for 13, 14, and 15 inch crappie. And you will need a big net on this lake. The crappie population has grown to an incredible size in Norfork Lake. When some folks catch a 9” crappie, they may consider having it mounted. On Norfork Lake crappie must [...]

High Water

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NORFORK LAKE HIGH WATER EVENT March 2008 brought record rainfall to North Central Arkansas. The total rainfall for the month was in excess of 24 inches. Norfork Lake did its job as a US Army Corps of Engineers flood control reservoir by capturing much of the area water runoff. Because of Norfork Lake, flooding [...]

Fall Pictures

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Fall Fun at Norfork Lake Many consider fall fun at Norfork Lake to be their favorite season. It's because Autumn on the lake offers the best of both worlds, high season experiences at low season rates. Fall fun at Norfork Lake may not be what you'd expect to because there is still plenty [...]